Seraphim Rose: The Question of Truth

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…” (John 14:6) “Love is unambiguous, free, without condition, this is God.” Fr. Emmanuel Stamatiou, “Orthodox Thursdays at Evangelismos” Nov 2019 I was unsatisfied with my summary of Seraphim Rose’s first chapter of “Nihilism: the root of the revelation of the modern age,” and I think […]

Nihilism Admonished

Nihilism is a floating abyss without anchor. Unable to withstand winds of change, whether from desires within or external pressures, nihilism offers no rock from which to stand firm and proclaim the truth. Nihilism is the denial of absolute truth, championing, instead, relative truths. It hence denies the possibility of actual truth. The consistent nihilist […]

[Notes] Ch.2c Nihilism – Fr Seraphim Rose

Chapter Two – part iii Check the previous section here: Chapter two b… or not … Where Realism tries to reestablish an absolute truth from below, Vitalism expresses the failure of this project in the face of the more “realistic” awareness that there is no absolute here below, that the only unchanging principle in this […]